Helong New Material

Ningbo Helong New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that develops, manufactures, and sells wood-plastic composite (WPC) products. The company uses recycled materials of plastic waste and wooden furniture waste to produce outdoor wood-plastic floors, fences, flower boxes, etc. providing customers with health and environmental friendly home products, while realizing the recycle of plastics waste and forest reservation by replacing raw wood materials. Its annual production capacity is of 25k tons of WPC as one of the largest enterprises with the best quality products in China.

NMG Composites

Nmg Composites Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with focus on R&D, production, and sales of advanced materials such as structural core materials and composite reinforcement fibers. Its products are mainly used in wind energy, shipbuilding, and other fields, to improve efficiency of clean energy and energy saving, and to reduce GHG emissions. It is one of the largest material suppliers of the next generation wind power blade with annual production capacity of 120k m^3 of structural core materials and 45k tons of composite reinforcement fibers.

Kingsun Eco-Pack

Zhejiang Kingsun Eco-Pack is a high-tech company focusing on R&D, and production of bio-degradable packaging & tableware by using raw materials mainly from bagasse, reed, straw and other agricultural waste. The company is mainly targeting European and American markets while domestic sales ratio is also rising. Apart from reducing the environmental pollution of plastic packaging, it also explicitly increases the local farmers' income. As one of the largest domestic manufacturers, the company's annual productivity is of 40,000 tons of biodegradable packaging and tableware.


INGCARE is a company focuses on providing rehabilitation and family education for autistic children and their parents. Its business mainly covers training for autism therapist, testing software and SaaS authorization, chain management of autistic children rehabilitation center. As a child autism research and rehabilitation education institution with the most advanced technical capabilities in China, INGCARE is the largest autism rehabilitation therapist training platform and autistic children evaluation database in China.

Powers Education

Powers Education Group is an institution that provides cognitive training, family education guidance and psychological counselling for children with learning disabilities and their parents through psychology, neuroscience and data technology. As China's largest education institution that provides children with learning disabilities cognitive training, Powers has 18 cognitive training centers with 300 professional teachers and has held public lectures in more than 60 primary schools throughout the country.

H-Grace Healthcare

H-Grace Healthcare focuses on the operation of out-of-hospital public mutual assistance emergency systems based on Internet and IoT technologies. H-Grace has reached the largest market share of the first aid service and support agency in sport events in China. Its self-developed “One Button Call for Help System” has been applied in the Zhangjiang area of Shanghai, covering more than 600,000 people. It has also trained more than 100,000 volunteers. The system will cover whole Shanghai and other key cities in China in near future.

Zhongyi Testing

Zhongyi Testing focuses on providing testing and evaluation technical services in the field of EHS (health, environmental protection and safety). Zhongyi is the largest testing institution in Zhejiang and top three in East China. Zhongyi Testing has accumulated competitive advantages in technology and industry credibility in the fields of air, water pollution and safety testing after years of development. In the future, Zhongyi Testing will focus on strengthening soil pollution testing technology, and strive to become China's largest third-party testing agency for soil pollution.

Guangzhui Culture

Guangzhui Culture and Media focuses on the production and communication of popular science in the forms of audio and video. Guangzhui spreads scientific knowledge through interesting stories and has occupied the top of the rankings of the scientific content sections on platforms such as Himalayan, Qingting FM, and Tik Tok. It has accumulated over 600 million views and 7.6 million audience which includes 100,000 paying users. Their content has also entered nearly 40 science and technology museums in various provinces and cities nationwide.


Celefish focuses on providing big data platform service for fish farming, distribution and consumption through IoT technology. Its business mainly involves application of the IoT monitoring systems to implement fish ponds connecting, real-time monitoring of the water quality, information matching and tracing system between fish ponds and the demand side based on big data platform. Celefish pioneered the ecological double-fish pond recycling mode, and has accumulated more than 7,000 sets of IoT equipments for fish ponds serving nearly 10,000 farmers.


Letuizu focuses on providing high quality entertainment products and services to retired people. Its business mainly covers theme tourism, cultural events and cultural brokerage for retired people, as well as providing entertainment and Saas services for elderly universities. As the leader of China's elderly entertainment industry, Lehui has more than 4 million online subscribers, and the cumulative service number exceeds 200 million.

Hug Chinese

Hug Chinese is a company that focuses on promoting and educating children with Chinese literature and reading. Its business mainly covers book copyright authorization, teacher training, online teaching and offline chain educational services. As the pioneer and leader of Chinese children's mother tongue reading and education industry, Hug Chinese created and published "A reading a day" for children and has provided mother tongue reading solution for over 5000 schools nationwide. They also have a charity foundation to serve schools in poverty areas.

Bamboos Health Care

Hong Kong Bamboos Health Care Holdings is a platform-based company that provides medical care and nursing services for institutions and families. Its business mainly covers residential healthcare and nursing services, institutional medical and nursing staff solutions, and medical and nursing staff vocational training. As the largest platform for providing comprehensive medical and nursing staff solutions in Hong Kong, the number of professional healthcare medical and nursing staff covered under its service has reached 41.44% of the total number of registered and enrolled nurses in Hong Kong.


Senyint focuses on providing medical cloud application solutions, and its business covers multi-dimensional medical cloud services such as comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, teaching, research and management for government and medical institutions at all levels. As China's largest medical cloud platform, Senyint has covered 31 provinces and cities nationwide, and has more than 6,000 hospitals in remote collaboration. The coverage rate of the top tier hospitals is 80%. At the same time, it is committed to provide more accurate medical services to the grassroots level including border areas and less-developed areas.

Lvkang Medical Care
and Senior Service

Zhejiang Lvkang Medical Care and Senior Services is a chain medical company that provides nursing home services for semi-disabled and disabled elderly people. As China's largest chain institution in providing such services, Lvkang has 17 chain medical institutions, 11 elderly nursing home facilities, 18 community day care centres and 1 vocational nurse training school. Lvkang currently has a total of over 10,000 beds under management with total number of 1,594 employees.

Yada International

Yada International Holdings focuses on the investment, development, and operation of the high-end elderly healthcare industry park in China. Its business mainly covers the development and sales of pension housing, medical care and nursing services, silver hair products sales, health and wellness services, and nursing staff training services. As the largest development and operation company for elderly healthcare industrial parks in China, Yada International Holdings has developed more than 500,000 square meters of elderly healthcare industrial parks.

Qiangying Duck Farm

Anhui Qiangying Duck Farm Group is a national leading Pekin duck farm company with vertical integrat-ed production including ducklings hatching, scale breeding, feed production and duck product processing. Its five duck vertical integrated production bases are all located in state poverty counties in the northern parts of the Anhui Province. Qiangying currently breeds nearly 400 million ducklings and produces nearly 10,000 tons of duck products each year, and has a leading position in capability and scale in the industry.

CN Science and Technology

CN Science and Technology is a high-tech company that turns solid waste and hazardous waste into recyclable materials which can be turned into metals that are used in the new energy batteries. CN has a top three hazardous waste disposal and recycling base in East China, and will be the largest new energy battery recycling and disposal company. It holds Intellectual Property Rights, and can handle 100,000 tons of hazardous waste through wet technique and 150,000 tons of solid (hazardous) waste through fire technique every year.

Pacific Quartz

Pacific Quartz is a company focusing on deep processing of silicon materials including R&D, production, and sales. Its major business includes the production of semiconductor quartz tubes, as well as quartz crucibles and high-purity quartz sand for the preparation of solar power materials. It is the largest producer and seller of quartz related products in China and also the only company that can mass produce high-purity quartz sand for solar energy equipment.


Ruyiqing focuses on the cultivation and sales of edible fungi. Compared to the traditional cultivation, the planting model of Ruyiqing factories not only increases the production and quality significantly, but also improves the land use efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of agricultural workers. As one of the three largest industrial edible fungus production companies in China, it has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of edible fungi and 100,000 tons of capacity under construction.


Wanken focuses on the culturing and sales of wheat seeds. As the largest wheat seed company with the biggest coverage of wheat breeding area, Wanken plays a backbone role in the industry nationally. It is Wanken who participates in establishing the seed traceability system in first place. Currently, it has 13 stable breeding bases with a total area of 37700 acres. It has independent intellectual property rights of 7 product varieties and 23 types of seed management rights. Wanken implements the operation model of "company+farmers", and collaborates with nearly 5,000 farmers every year.